Crooked Vine Vineyard and Winery

Crooked Vine Vineyard & Winery was established in 2013 with a desire to produce wines that highlight the grapes and the region. Fast forward to today and we’re still doing just that – producing great wines with varietals that flourish in this area.
Under new ownership since 2021, Ted and Stephanie strive to offer an experience unlike no other. With a passion for wine and customer service, you can often find Stephanie behind the bar, ready to pour a glass of wine or walk you through a tasting. Her love of food and wine help connect you to the joys of food and friendship and the importance of our “bottle to table” philosophy.

Ted is the resident farmer and responsible for everything outside of the tasting room. He enjoys getting his hands dirty and can often be found wandering through the rows of vines inspecting growth, managing ground quality and taking care of all things outside. Ted also serves as the wine maker with a focus on allowing the grapes to shine through the entire wine making process.

We invite you to come inside, learn more about our wines and taste the work and love we have for our vineyard.