Our wines run from bone dry reds & whites to semi-sweet and sweet.

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Marquette Reserve 2019

Explore our Marquette Reserve from rich, robust estate grown grapes.

A complex, yet balanced wine with hints of black cherry, lively spice and a soft lingering finish.

Pair it with beef, sharp cheeses and decadent chocolate desserts.

Marquette Bourbon Oaked 2019

Available in limited quantities.

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Petite Pearl 2019

Petite Pearl Reserve is a 100% estate grown wine from our 2019 harvest of these small, black, tightly clustered grapes. After crushing, we put the wine through a longer maceration process to extract stronger flavors, tannins and color.

Reserve was aged in Hungarian oak barrels for 16 plus months. This makes it perfect to drink now, but with great aging potential to develop incredible nuance and structure over time.

Our Petite Pearl Reserve is dry with notes of fresh dark fruits, a little spiciness and a mouth-feel that is extremely well balanced.

Pair this wine with grilled meats, Italian dishes or with hard cheese.

Barrel Back Red

You hear it coming! The sound is different from all other boats–the look is unmistakable. From the Les Cheneaux Islands in the Upper Peninsula to Walloon Lake and Wequetonsing Harbor Springs, these wooden works of art still cruise the clear, clean waters of Michigan.

Our Barrel Back Red is made from our estate grown Frontenac and Petite Pearl grapes. It has a slight spiciness with overtones of dark berries, similar to Petite Syrah.

French oak was used in the aging process to soften the tannin’s, resulting in a dry, full body wine.

Barrel Back Red pairs well with grilled and smoked meats, a wedge of cheese or enjoyed just by itself.

2 Mom's Blush

Nothing is more breathtaking than sharing a sunset in Northern Michigan.

This label is a silhouette of our mothers on Pickerel Lake. They were friends since childhood and we named our two vineyards after them.

We invite you to share this semi-dry rose’ wine with your best friend at your favorite sunset spot. Made from a blend of our Frontenac and La Crescent grapes. Pairs well with salads, crudites, spicy dishes or a simple piece of Mackinac Island fudge.

Lakeview Red

From the late 1800’s, people have been drawn to this area known as the “Tip of the Mitt”. This historical map shows the inland water route from Cheboygan, on Lake Huron, through Mullet and Burt Lakes, west to the Crooked River, connecting Crooked Lake and Pickerel Lake.

Clean air, pure waters, along with bountiful fish and game attracted early resorters. Bay View, Harbor Springs, Petoskey, Indian River and Alanson all sprang up overnight.

The fresh, clean taste of this light-bodied wine is from a blend of our estate grown Frontenac and other locally grown grapes. Pairs well with grilled vegetables and meats, Italian and sharp cheeses.


Pet-O-Se-Ga Blanc

Who can forget the first time they found a Petoskey stone in the clear, clean waters of Lake Michigan?

The name Petoskey likely came from Ottawa Indian legend, in the late 18th century. Along with the City of Petoskey, the stone was named for Chief Pedosegay (Pet-O-Se-Ga).

Enjoy the fresh, crisp taste of our wine, made from Michigan Chardonnay, Traminette, and Brianna. Non-oaked.

Pet-O-Se-Ga Blanc , with its delicate citrus and fruit flavors, pairs well with poultry and lighter seafood entrees. Also with soft & creamy to semi-hard cheeses such as Brie or Cheddar.

Frontenac Gris

The graceful White Birch tree can be found growing along the waters and in the woods of Northern Michigan. It is easily identified by pure white bark that peels off in thin paper-like layers.

Made from estate grown Frontenac Gris grapes , this has hints of peach and apricot, along with layers of citrus and tropical fruit flavors.

A crisp semi-dry wine made for sipping while recalling the blue skies and lakes of Up North. Our Frontenac Gris wine pairs well with chicken/pork, salty snacks or chilled by itself.

Cottage White

From the grand front porches of Bay View and Harbor Springs to your front porch or deck, enjoy our semi-sweet wine, Cottage White.

A refreshing summer wine, crisp and clean. Made from a blend of our estate grown La Crescent grapes and other locally grown grapes. It has citrus flavors of lemon and grapefruit along with tones of apple and pear.

It is a nicely balanced wine that complements spicy dishes, BBQ, sharp cheeses and apple pie.

L’Arbre Croche

Meaning Crooked Tree, L’Arbre Croche is the name early French missionaries gave the area around and north of Harbor Springs, Michigan after a tree that was used as a landmark. The tree image on our label is a rendition of a 1910 pen and ink drawing of just such a tree.

Enjoy our first Sparkling Wine,dry, produced from our estate grown La Crescent grapes and other locally grown varieties.


Just Peachy Sangria

Our Sangria is named for the color of the sky at sunset over our Vineyard. Made from peach wine with natural flavors of lime, mango and pineapple. Enjoy this fiesta of flavors in a glass of ‘Just Peachy Sangria’ with family and friends.

Blackberry Wine

Crooked Vine Blackberry is a light and refreshing way to enjoy wine.

It has just the right touch of sweetness for picnics, casual dining and quiet evenings Up North.

Pairs well with wild game or a simple chicken salad sandwich. Also goes well with pie, cobblers, or a dark chocolate torte.